Paintings: The Living Moments Series

The Living Moments Series reflect single moments of conscious relation with the natural world.  Each piece expresses the unexpected instant when human consciousness connects with the textures and colours of the living earth.  Layers of colour and texture reflect upon the multitude of living systems composing an ecosystem and contextualizing each moment of connection between human consciousness and the natural world.  The sense of depth created on the canvas suggests a sense of emotion and perhaps even consciousness responding to the viewer from within these living systems.  The balance of depth and simplicity within each composition ultimately invites the viewer to lean into that moment, resting on the unseen complexity of the living earth if only for the space of a single breathe.    

*All paintings are for sale on a sliding scale. For more information please contact Sarah Jean at

After the Fire, (Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30) SOLD

January 10th, 1981, (Acrylic on Canvas, 10X30)
Eddies, (Acrylic on Canvas, 24X30)
First Snow (Acrylic on Canvas, 10x30)

Somewhere Between Land and Water (Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30)
Seed, (Acrylic on Canvas, 24X30)

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  1. These paintings are amazing! Great job!