Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cleanse + Hungry = Sprouting!

We're on a post-holiday, welcome-2012 cleanse here at Peace Flag House. This is our first time cleansing and we're starting with the Wild Rose Cleanse. Everyone I've known who has done a cleanse goes on and on about how wonderful you feel after the first few days. They have so much energy, clear skin, happy days, singing birds, etc etc.

Bull s*&!.

I'm hungry. Really, really hungry.

I need a distraction until the happy days and singing birds arrive. Enter Sprouting. Growing edibles in the kitchen window with a canning jar and some water is the perfect distraction.
Last winter I donated a recipe to a community cookbook and in return was given a small packet of seeds for sprouting that included a wee diagram of instructions. Of the two options (jar or tray) on the wee diagram, I've decided on the jar method to start.

Jar Method:

1. Soak 2-6 hours - Put 1or 2 tbsp seeds in a wide mouthed jar. (Use more seed if sprouting a large seed like peas). Cover jar with screen or mesh and secure with rubber band or screw top lid. Add water, swirl and drain. Refill with about 1 cup water. Soak seeds for 2 to 6 hours. Drain water.

2. Rinse twice a day - Rinse seeds by refilling jar with water and gently swirling. Drain water. Invert and prop jar at an angle in a sink or bowl. Place the jar in full light but not direct sunlight.

Day 1: Rinsed and drained.

Day 2: wee sprouts...

3. Enjoy! Ready in 3 to 6 days - To keep fresh, refrigerate well drained sprouts in a sealed container.

Day 4: sprouting with gusto...

4. Remove the seed husks - A little further reading on-line suggested letting the finished sprouts soak in a bowl of cool water and swirl to remove the seed husks.

5. The final product - Delicious, fresh sprouts from my own kitchen window! Fantastic with hummus, sprinkled on top of a soup, or just by the handful. 

I think the price of fresh sprouts in the store had me thinking that sprouting must be difficult, hence the high price. But this was deadly simply with very little time commitment. I'm definitely going to try the tray version next and get a larger batch growing.

The cleanse continues. I'm still hungry and the singing birds and happy days aren't here yet but the sprouts will make the last few days on the cleanse a little more delicious. 

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