Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Green Monsters of Self-Doubt

Have you ever had a year long case of the self-doubts?
Have you ever been ambushed by the vicious monsters of self-criticism? With all their slobbering fangs and curled up claws scratching at your mind, whining and sneering at you the moment you have an idea that might be fun, or original, or even possibly interesting.

Monster of Self-Criticism.
Many hands for pointing out mistakes and bad ideas.

My monsters are green and dripping with slime.

They leave a gross trail of ooze as they slop around my mind. They steal my fun with their sarcasm and pointed remarks about my past mistakes and thwarted ideas. They sit like lumps, snorting and slime'ing all over the place.

My monsters have gotten the better of me for a year now. I started this blog with enthusiasm. I was excited. I had ideas. I loved to write. I wanted to connect with others.

Then the monsters closed in.

They've thwarted me for a year now.

Have you ever had this experience?
Tell me about your monsters. Perhaps this will help me find new assignments for mine.

1 comment :

  1. My monsters are gorgeous. So beautiful and radiant I can't look at them straight on, but sort of constantly catch them in the corner of my eye as they flitter about, mocking. They are from an old clan with last names such as 'Wattif' and 'Howdryu'. They constantly remind me of my imperfection and slipups. They go on vacation when I remember to spend quality time with friends.