Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Joy Jar

Winter is long. Long, long, long.

All the coats and hats and mitts and boots and long underwear and warm socks.
It's all so heavy.

How do I lighten the feeling of slush and ice?
The Joy Jar.

I saw this idea flash by on Facebook before Christmas. At that time of year all the Northen Hemisphere'ers are still in love with the snow and its sparkly magic. No need for a Joy Jar. Three months and lots of snow shovelling later and a few reminders of joy are useful.

The Joy Jar is a collecting place for all the moments, happenings, words, acts of kindness, wonderful experiences, and good news that brings you joy.  A quick note of that joy is jotted down and tossed in the jar.

 Joy Note #1: We are travelling to Greece this summer. Hurrah!

I am quickly finding that the joy starts to compound upon itself as the jar fills up.  All those wee bits of paper connect to moments of joy that were lived and experienced.  I get to taste that joy all over again and be reminded of how wonderfully fortunate Pascal and I are.  Just looking at the Joy Jar has started to bring me joy.

Joy Note #2: We are eating from Mama Earth Organic's Veggie Box every week. Yummy.

The idea I read about suggested collecting your joy for a full year and then opening the jar on New Year's Eve to review all the joy experienced over the last year. This is a beautiful idea that we plan on building into our celebrations at Peace Flag House. 

Joy Note #3: Pascal won the Dean's Teaching Award! Congratulations!

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