Monday, 16 September 2013

Neighbours United For Inclusion, Saturday's Community BBQ

Photos: Anne Zbitnew
Neighbours United for Inclusion 
Community BBQ
Saturday, September 14th
Runnymede Collegiate Institute

The politicians, the police and the media were all there in support.  The music was fun, the food was plentiful and the sun was shining.  But the most important people, our neighbours, friends and community, came out in droves to celebrate and stand for a neighbourhood based on inclusion, equality and love.

Overall, an incrediably successful Rainbow day...

Rainbow Chalk Art: Important Police Business.
Our niece flying her rainbow.

Rainbow Face
The Woodshed Orchestra
Stefonknee and her BBQ
All three levels of government and the LGBTQ Police Liason for the City of Toronto joined us in support.  (From left to right) Sarah Jean Harrison, Pascal Murphy, Sarah Doucette (City Councillor, Ward 13), PC Danielle Bottineau (LGBTQ Liason), Peggy Nash (MP), Cheri DiNovo (MPP), Heidi Hunter, Mike Hunter holding Emily Hunter.
Messages of Love from the Make Some Art Table
Peace Flag House basking in the glow of community love and support.

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